Aug 13

Tampa Bay Fishing

Was planning on fishing my usual area on Weedon island this weekend with a friend from work, but had a last minute change of plan when my father in law called and said he was bringing his 16′ carolina skiff into town and wanted to do some fishing.  We decided to use the Picnic Island boat ramp and see what was happening in that area.

The ramp was too shallow and wasn’t going to work without backing the truck into the bay up to the doors, so we made our way over to the Gandy ramp and put in there.  After a few minutes deliberation about whether to run down to Picnic Island as planned or head over to Weedon Island for some sunrise topwater fishing, we decided to make the run across the bay.

As always the action was slow until sunrise, but it was a great night to be out, as there was very little moon and the persied meteor shower was in full effect.  It’s an incredible sight to behold on the water with little or no city light to obscure the view.

Once the sun broke the horizon the flats woke up and we starting catching fish.  The usual undersized trout, ladyfish were biting like crazy, which usually gets old pretty quicky, but this morning I hooked into a large 20″ (or so) ladyfish which fought like crazy and was REALLY fun to get to the boat, then it had the decency to unhook itself after the fight was over.  As the morning progressed the action continued and eventually we had one 17″ trout and two 12″ mangrove snapper in the cooler.  The trout was caught on a large gold spoon and the snapper were caught on a badonkadonk 3.5″ topwater lure in natural color and a berkeley gulp swimming mullet in camo color.

The flats cooled down about 90 minutes after sunrise and we headed into the mangroves to see what was around.  I got skunked on the shoreline but my father in law landed a nice 17″ redfish.  We headed back to the dock and were home by 10:00 am.  A great day of Weedon Island fishing.

Tampa Bay Trout and Mangrove Snapper

Tampa Bay Trout and Mangrove Snapper


Aug 05

Slow Day Fishing Tampa Bay

Had a fun day in the canoe fishing weedon island this weekend.  The water was a little rough but not a problem.  Caught a handful of ladyfish and undersized trout, plus one 17″ for the cooler.  Caught this trout on a 3.5″ Badonkadonk topwater lure  in a bone color.

Weedon Island Trout, Tampa Bay, FL

One keeper trout caught at Weedon Island, Tampa Bay, FL

Tried out my minnow trap again…skunked!  This time I rigged sinking bait, using a 2 oz egg sinker and mesh bags, not sure what went wrong…i’ll try different bait next time.

Dog Food Minnow Bait in Mesh Bags with 2oz Sinkers

Dog Food Minnow Bait in Mesh Bags with 2oz Sinkers

Jul 28

Good Day for Weedon Island Fishing

Had a good day fishing the Weedon Island flats.  The water was like glass and there was very little wind or current…makes for a nice boat ride but not the best fishing when the water’s not moving much.  Caught these three despite the still water…  19″ on Berkley GULP! Jerk Shad in nuclear chicken color on a 1/4oz White C.A.L Jig Head.  Caught the smaller trout on a 3.5″ Badonkadonk topwater lure in bone color, and the 12″ mangrove snapper on a rapala floater-diver type lure in the mangroves.

Tried out my new minnow trap…nothing, got totally skunked.  I dropped it in the shallows where I could see it to figure out where I went wrong, and it looks like the problem is floating bait…minnows were all over the op of it, eating my dog food bait through the holes.  Next weekend I’ll have to rig sinking bait.

Keepers from 7/28

Keeper trout and mangrove snapper from 7/28

Jul 27

Minnow Trap

It’s been a pretty successful summer so far with keeper trout in the boat almost every weekend at Weedon Island.  It’s been cooling off a bit though so I’m interested in seeing what I can do with some live bait.  At the suggestion of a friend I bought a Frabill Black Minnow Vinyl Trap that I can set on the flat when I arrive and just stop and get bait from it every half hour or so.  Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow.

Minnow Trap

Minnow Trap

Jul 11

Tangled Motor

Motor felt sluggish while out fishing yesterday.  I thought maybe my battery was dying or the prop shaft needed oil, but when I pulled off the prop I found this….it turns out I had about a whole spool of heavy mono fishing line tangled up in it.  Go figure.

Tangled Trolling Motor

Tangled Trolling Motor

Jul 09

New 45lb Motor

My Father in Law got a new trolling motor for his skiff, and gave me his Minn Kota 45lb trolling motor.  Works great on the canoe…gets it moving pretty well in calm water.

Jul 01

Weedon Island Trout

Weedon Island fishing again this weekend from the canoe…  caught a few keeper trout on Badonkadonk 3.5″ Topwater lures.

Keeper Trout

A few nice keeper trout from Weedon Island, Tampa, FL

Jun 17

Fathers Day on the Flats

Went out to the Weedon Island flats with my Father in Law for Father’s Day.  Perfect way to celebrate…fishing in the morning, home in time for breakfast with my wife and kids.  One 22″, two 20″ and a nice little mangrove snapper.  A good day for big Weedon Island trout.

Three Trout and a Mangroove Snapper

Three Big Trout and a Mangrove Snapper, Weedon Island, Tampa, FL

Jun 06

Two in the cooler

Weedon Island Spotted Sea Trout

Two in the cooler on the Weedon Island Flats

First trip to the Weedon Island flats in my new squareback canoe.  Two in the cooler.. Big one’s 21″ and the little one’s about 16″…  Made nuggets!

Trout Nuggets

Batter Fried Trout Nuggets

May 31

Indian River 15′ Squareback Canoe

This is my Indian River 15′ Squareback Canoe.  I got a great deal on it..came with a 24lb minn kota trolling motor all for $250.  Can’t beat that.  I took out the built in teak bench seats and added two removable folding seats.

Indian River 15' Squareback Canoe

Indian River 15′ Squareback Canoe